unique sign for a unique company

Osborn-Barr Chooses Infinity Sign


 Osborn Barr came to Infinity with the expectation to have their sign designed and built in a distinguishing way. Their idea of combining wood with aluminum and plastic posed an opportunity for Infinity to show their true capabilities.

the challenge

 The challenge for us begins in the procuring of the wood plank backgrounds. The customer wanted a weathered look but didn’t know exactly what they were looking for or where to find it. Infinity teamed up with a local KC company to find the perfect reclaimed lumber.Working with reclaimed wood created its own challenges due to thickness, texture, and size.  This quickly became a shop favorite due to the complexity.

our process

The process began by securely attaching the wood planks to each other. While the wood backgrounds were being constructed the channel letter fabrication quickly moved along. Osborn-Barr wanted their sign to light up orange at night but believed that white during the day would help their visibility. This request could be achieved in many different ways. We choose a perforated vinyl for the face with a colored plastic and colored LEDs. Once the letters were ready it was time to combine them with the wood by cutting the shapes out.

the results

The results were perfect; the mixture of materials made for an a amazing sign.  The finished product included an added feature of being white during the day and lighting up orange at night. The customer was very impressed and believes this added touch makes this sign stand out even more.


Keller Williams